Tuition & Fees

Medical students are individually responsible for tuition, fees, and living expenses. All students anticipating the need for financial assistance at any time during their medical education should undertake early long-term planning. The University of South Carolina School of Medicine has limited resources for financial aid for medical students. In addition, various University of South Carolina financial aid programs make it possible for many students to attend the School of Medicine who could not do so if left entirely to their own resources. Eligibility for all aid, except some academic scholarships, is dependent on a student's financial circumstances.

Search available financial aid programs, including loans and scholarships, for the School of Medicine online or contact the Office of Financial Aid (803) 216-3625 of

Academic Fees—2014-2015

South Carolina Residents (per academic year) $36,680
Nonresidents (per academic year) $83,000
Supplementary Application Fee (nonrefundable) $95
Admission Deposit (applied toward first year tuition,nonrefundable after May 15)

Estimated expenditures for books, supplies, equipment, educational travel, insurance, and related educational expenses:

Matriculation Fee (first year only) $80
Gross Anatomy Fee (first year, first semester only) $1000
First Year $8,098
Second Year $2,966
Third Year $6,898
Fourth Year $4,156


Supplementary Application fee (nonrefundable)  $95
Admission Deposit (applied toward first year tuition, nonrefundable after May 15)  $250